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What’s your wish list destination?  What’s on your bucket list?  I recently came across this article from Conde Naste Traveler called “The 25 Most Wish -Listed Destinations of 2017″.  It’s worth a visit to their website just for the pictures alone.  This is basically a list of where Conde Naste readers most desire to go.  It’s another indication of what’s becoming popular.

The Conde Naste Traveler top 25 wish list destinations:

25. Portugal

Bora Boar made the 25 list

Bora Boar made the 25 list

24. Norway

23. China

22. Croatia

21. Bali

20. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

19. The Maldives

18. South Africa

17. Germany

16. Thailand

15. New York City

Clifs of Moher breath taking view.

Ireland is in the top 25

14. United Kingdom

13. India

12. Iceland

11. London

10. France

9. Japan

8. Spain

7. Ireland

6. Greece

5. New Zealand

4. Paris

3. Australia

2. Hawaii

1. Italy


Any surprises?  Not really – many of these we’ve previously identified in our post on travel trends.  Italy remains immensely popular with US travelers.  I’m a little surprised that Australia and New Zealand are as high on the list as they are.  It’s true we’ve seen lots of interest in cruises to that part of the world.  As noted in the above travel trend post, Japan is now becoming more popular as well.

I am surprised by some omissions:  the Galapagos Islands,  Vietnam / Cambodia for example.

What’s next and what’s past

In future posts we’ll do a deeper dive on some of these destinations.

In the meantime, check out some of our past posts on:

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New Destinations for 2018

Would you add anything to this list? What’s on your bucket list? Would you know the best way to experience each of these destinations?  Not only the best deals, but the best door to door experience?  That’s what a great travel agent can provide.

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