The Travel Agent’s goal – a perfect 10

I earn a perfect 10 from many of my clients.

Do you recommend your travel agent?

Everyone wants to be scored as a perfect 10, right?  Well, believe it or not I do get scored.  And while I’m not a perfect 10, I’m pretty darn close.  Why should you care?  Because that means my customers are very happy since they are doing the scoring.


My score is called the NPS – the Net Promoter Score.  It’s a well known measure of customer satisfaction. Avoya sends out short surveys to each and every customer and essentially asks ” how likely is that you’ll recommend me to your friends or colleagues”.  Here’s how the scoring works:  A score of 9 or 10 means “Yes, I will enthusiastically recommend and promote you”.  A score of 7 or 8 means that the customer is satisfied but probably not delighted enough to recommend.  Finally scores between 0 and 6 are unhappy customers who are probably detractors.  Tough bar right?

To learn more about NPS check out this website.

And the score is….

Here’s a screen shot of my NPS scores.  Each line is from a different customer.  While I love to see a perfect 10, what I really love is to read the comments.  Remember, these are each actual customers filling out a survey either right after paying for their vacation or upon coming home.  Nothing makes me feel better than seeing positive comments about their experience working with me.
Lots of perfect 10's for my NPS or net promoter score

It takes travel planning excellence for a perfect vacation

The perfect vacation

Do you score your travel booking experience a perfect 10?

Whether you use a travel agent or do it all yourself – do you rate your travel planning and booking process a perfect 10?  The process involves destination selection, supplier selection, finding the best promotions, pricing and amenities, providing advice and information along the way including reminders and destination information, ensuring payments, insurance and changes are clear and worry free.  Read the comments and you can start to understand what my clients value.

So what?

Lots of people look at recommendations from Yelp before going to dinner or Cruise Critic before taking a cruise.  Why?  because you want to know what your fellow consumers think.  You want to hear it straight from the customer’s mouth rather than marketing hyperbole.  Well, that’s what NPS score and comments are all about.  You can see for yourself my customers are very happy.  And it’s not just this one snapshot.  My scores have been very consistent for many years.  Working with an agent that satisfies customers should be your goal.

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