River cruising is the perfect vacation for those wishing to truly see & experience multiple destinations
without having to pack & unpack every night.

Moselle views


In the last 10 years River Cruising has exploded in popularity. Most of the major rivers in Europe are host to river cruise ships. Some of the more popular rivers are the Rhine, Danube, Seine and Rhone.
Typical Inclusions:
One of the reasons for River Cruising’s popularity is that it is an effortless form of travel. Nearly every cruise line includes your excursions, meals while on the ship as well as beer and wine with lunch and dinner.


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Keukenhof Holland

The excursions are led by well educated english speaking guides. The number of excursions included varies by cruise line. Some include an excursion every day and some include an excursion in each port. Most ships have bicycles on board for guests to use and a select few offer guided bicycle excursions.


Ready to serve
Chef’s Table restaurant

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are typically included in your cruise fare while you are on the ship. Dining is usually open seating for all meals. Some lines offer both buffet and a la carte service for breakfast and lunch, while others only offer buffet. Nearly all cruise lines offer a la carte service for dinner. Many cruise lines are now offering alternative specialty dining such as a Chef’s Table restaurant or Dining Al Fresco.


Twin Balcony Cabin

The new trend is full outside balconies. Most river cruise ships have 3 passenger decks. The bottom deck typically has high fixed windows. The middle passenger deck can have either french balconies, outside balconies or picture windows depending on the cruise line. The top passenger deck is desired because the view can be slightly better due to the height. Suite and staterooms with outside balconies are very popular. Many guests shy away from the less expensive high fixed windows because they equate them to inside cabins on an ocean cruise. In reality you spend very little time in your stateroom and when river cruise ships dock they dock side to side so that wonderful balcony may have a view you someone else’s wonderful balcony.


Vilshofen Entertainment

Each evening guests meet with the cruise director before dinner to discuss the next day’s excursions. After dinner guest join in the lounge to enjoy either local entertainment or the onboard entertainer/pianist. If the ship is docked for the evening guests are free to go into town as well.

When to book:

As soon as possible! Due to the increased popularity cruises are selling out well in advance of the departure date. It is recommended that you book 12-15 months prior to your desired travel dates.