Hurricanes and cruise ships – will my ship sail after the hurricanes?

Here’s a very timely article on which cruise ship ports in the Caribbean are open after the 2018 hurricanes.

UPDATE:  check out the following report here.


Ocean cruising post hurricanes

Ocean cruising

Many of our customers have called to ask what will happen to their cruises that are schedule in the Fall of 2018. This follows the devastating hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Cruising during hurricane season can be trying at times.  But don’t forget a couple of things:

  • All cruise ships retain the right to change itineraries whenever they want
  • The benefit of ocean cruising is that the ships can maneuver away from storms
  • This is a good time to think about getting trip insurance.  Here’s some posts that will help you out.


Things are still very much up in the air for many cruises as the cruise lines are scrambling by juggling schedules, locations and ships.  Things are very dynamic to say the least.  Many of the cruise lines dedicated ships to the rescue efforts and so need to turn those ships around unexpectedly.

Not sure what to do?  Call your travel agent for some expert advice regarding when, where and how to travel.  Patience and flexibility is what’s needed right now.


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