5 Tips To Make Flying More Comfortable

I remember when I was a little girl we got dressed up to go on vacation.  Flying was part of the adventure.  Now I wish that I could beam my clients to their destination.

Here are 5 things I bring with me to make flying less stressful.

  1. Inflatable foot rest.  For those of us that are vertically challenged this can make a long flight more comfortable.  http://amzn.to/1ulKVKt
  2. Sanitizer wipes.  I know they say they clean the plane but I bring individual wipes so that I can clean my tray table and arm rest and even freshen up  after a meal.
  3. Speaking of meals…we all know that unless you are in business class you are not going to get anything great to eat.  I always bring snacks with me.  Protein bars, chips and crackers.
  4. Since I can never be sure which planes will have a power port for my phone on long flights I bring an external battery.  I like this one from iFrogz.  It has gotten me to Europe with no problem http://amzn.to/1ulNwUK
  5. Last but not least I bring patience with me.  I always take the attitude that if I make it to my destination on time I’ve won the lottery.
Susan Wolfson
My goal is to Make Your Next Vacation Your Best Vacation!®
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